The Early History of Malawi.

8vo - 21.5 x 13.5 cm.; xxix, 454 pp. A collection of papers presented at a symposium held in Blantyre in 1970. Contents: 1 - "The Men Who Came before Malawian History" by P. V. Tobias, 2 - "Prehistoric Origins" by J. Desmond Clark, 3 - "Environment and History: The Malawian Setting" by Swanzie Agnew, 4 - "The Iron Age in Malawi: A Brief Account of Recent Work" by K. R. Robinson, 5 - "Transport and Communication in Malawi to 1891 with a Summary to 1918" by P. A. Cole-King, 6 - "The Meaning and Use of the Name Malawi in Oral Traditions and Precolonial Documents" by J. M. Schoffeleers, 7 - "Chewa or Malawi Political Organizations in the Precolonial Era" by H. W. Langworthy, 8 - "The People of Bororo: A Lexicostatistical Enquiry" by G. T. Nurse; 9 - "Reflections on the Early History of North Malawi" by Monica Wilson, 10 - "Suggestions Towards a Reinterpreted Tumbuka History" by H. L. Vail, 11 - "The Yao in Malawi: The Importance of Local Research" by E. A. Alpers, 12 - "Ngoni Politics and Diplomacy in Malawi, 1848-1904" by B. Pachai, 13 - "Religion and Politics in Northern Ngoniland, 1881-1904" by K. J. McCracken, 14 - "The Maseko Ngoni at Domwe, 1870-1900" by I. Linden, 15 - "Portugal's Attitude to Nyasaland During the Period of the Partition of Africa" by E. Axelson, 16 - "Notes on the Origins of the Arab War" by H. W. Macmillan, 17 - "Politics of Collaboration: Imperialism in Practice" by A. J. Dachs, 18 - "Johnston and Jameson: A Comparative Study in the Imposition of Colonial Rule" by R. H. Palmer, 19 - "The Development of the Administration to 1897" by C. A. Baker, 20 - "A Note on the Universities' Mission to Central Africa, 1859-1914" by Rev. P. Elston, 21 - "An Introduction to the History of the Dutch Reformed Church Mission in Malawi, 1889-1914" by J. L. Pretorius, 22 - "Economic Policy: Land and Labour in Nyasaland, 1890-1914" by B. S. Krishnamurthy, 23 - "The Place of John Chilembwe in Malawi Historiography" by G. Shepperson, 24 - "Development and Change in the History of malawi" by M. L. Chanock. Illustrated with black and white photographs and maps. The covers show mild wear and scuffing while the interior is clean and the binding is sound.

Title: The Early History of Malawi.

Author Name: Bridglal Pachai, editor (Swanzie Agnew, Edward Alpers, Eric Axelson, Colin Baker, Martin Chanock, J. Desmond Clark, P.A. Cole-King, A.J. Dachs, Philip Elston, B.S. Krisnamurthy, Harry Langworthy, Ian Linden, Hugh Macmillan, K.J. McCracken . . .)

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Publisher: London, UK., Longman: 1972

ISBN Number: 0582640903

ISBN Number 13: 9780582640900

Binding: Softcover

Book Condition: Good

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Keywords: History; Malawi; Africa; Prehistory; Yao tribe Bororo Tumbuka Maseko Ngoni John Chilembwe Dutch Reformed Church Universities' Mission Nyasaland