The Ideal in the World's Religions: Essays on the Person, Family, Society and Environment.

8vo - 23 x 15 cm.; 438 pp. A collection of essays by a variety of authors that "represent a wide range of perspectives on the role and responsibility of the world's religions in shaping the individual, the family and society, and in protecting and fruitfully interacting with the environment." Contents: 1 - The Nature of Religion: Reflections on Nature and Religion" by Francis X. D'Sa, 2 - "Measuring the Ideal: Christian Faith and the World's Worldviews" by Ninian Smart, 3 - "Religious Pluralism: Can Religions Co-Exist without Violence and Discrimination?" by Ursula King, 4 - "Paradigm Shift" by Rabbi Zalamn Schachter-Shalomi, 5 - "Ideals, Pseudo-Ideals and the Evolution of Consciousness" by Sheldon R. Isenberg, 6 - "The Ideal Individual as Described by All the Prophets" by Mary Pat Fisher, 7 - "Selfless Ideals" by Ronald R. Burr, 8 - "The Ideal Human Being in Contemporary Japanese Philosophy and Religion" by Robert E. Carter, 9 - "The Healing Role of Religion in T. S. Eliot's The Cocktail Party" by Jean Higgins, 10 - "The Puritans and the Family: Theological and Social Perspectives" by Anthony J. Guerra, 11 - "The Evolving Ideal of the Family in the Catholic Tradition" by Joseph Martos, 12 - "Rethinking the Chinese Family: Wandering Ghosts and Eternal Parents" by Whalen Lai, 13 - "The Buddhist Theory of Social Action" by Francisca Cho, 14 - "From Cane Ridge to Human Community: Indigenous American Christianity, Individual Character Traits and some Observations on the Dialectic of Religion and Society" by Victor Ehly, 15 - "The Ideal Society and Its Realization in the Unification Tradition" by Michael L. Mickler, 16 - "Tradition, Community and Context in Japanese Zen Buddhism and Latin American Catholicism" by Thomas P. Kasulis, 17 - "Early Buddhism and the Ideal Environment" by David L. Kalupahana, 18 - "Real-izing the Material: Spiritual Feminism and the Resacralization of the Earth" by Melissa Raphael, 19 - "Religion and Ecology: A Modern Taoist Perspective" by Ellen M. Chen, 20 - "The ideal Environment: The Modern Myth of Mastery and the Christian Doctrine of Creation" by M. Darrol Bryant.

Title: The Ideal in the World's Religions: Essays on the Person, Family, Society and Environment.

Author Name: Carter, Robert - Sheldon Isenberg (editors) (Francis D'Sa, Ninian Smart, Ursula King, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Mary Pat Fisher, Ronald Burr, Jean Higgins, Anthony Guerra, Joseph Martos, Whalen Lai, Francisca Cho, Victor Ehly, Michael Mickler . .).

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Publisher: St. Paul, Minnesota., Paragon House: 1997

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ISBN Number 13: 9781557787507

Binding: Softcover

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Keywords: Religion Sociology Francis X. D'Sa Ninian Smart Pluralism Ecumenism Ursula King Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi Sheldon R. Isenberg